About Classical ACupuncture

Historically, there is a deep union between Daoist thought and Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine, similar to that of Daoism, invites us to live an interconnected life, in harmony with the rhythms of our worldly experience and to follow the essential dynamics of nature to achieve balance and well-being in our health.

Drawing from the teachings of Daoist Master and Chinese Medicine scholar, Jeffrey Yuen and Jill's continued studies at Daoist Traditions College in Asheville, North Carolina, these Classical Chinese Medicine-influenced sessions combine acupuncture, essential oils,  stone medicine, sound therapy and Sat Nam Raysayan.

Sessions are applicable for patients with any of the issues listed in the description here, but desire a private setting. Private sessions are also particularly suitable for anyone who is experiencing:

  • Complex pain management, chronic autoimmune diseases and/or mood disorders as well as the additional health conditions listed here.

  • A major life transition (divorce, painful loss of any kind, terminal diagnosis, death or illness of a spouse, partner, parent, child or close friend),

  • A significant psychological, emotional or spiritual obstacle,

  • A "dark night of the soul",

  • Difficulty letting someone or something go, and/or

  • A desire for a deeper connection with his/her essential Spirit.

Fees & Schedule

Private sessions are $60-90. Appointments can be made by calling 740-214-6978 or via message.

Resources and Information